LX Semicon's Electronic Ceramic Substrate uses SMB technology differentiated from conventional bonding,
so that we provide silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic substrates that support high strength and high heat dissipation performance
and aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrates optimized for heat dissipation. SMB : Sputtering Metal Bonding

Technical Necessity

High-performance ceramic substrate
for heat dissipation suitable for electric vehicles

With the increasing demand and performance improvement of electric vehicles, there is a growing need for high-performance ceramic substrate
for heat dissipation suitable for electric vehicles. Ceramic substrate for heat dissipation for electric vehicles requires high heat
dissipation performance, high bending strength performance, and careful thickness management during module assembly.
LX Semicon’s ceramic substrate for heat dissipation with SMB technology provides high thermal and
mechanical reliability, securing the excellent characteristics of substrates for heat dissipation.

SMB Coating the surface of the ceramic substrate with a metal layer,
followed by joining to a copper substrate using a hot press process.

  • Sputtering Metal Layer is formed on the ceramic surface
    by the sputtering process.
    - Forming metal Layer within 1 micrometer level.
  • Hot Press Joining the deposited ceramic substrate and
    copper substrate in a high vacuum chamber under
    high temperature and high pressure conditions.

Conventional Technology Joining of copper substrate to ceramic substrate surface by screen-
printed paste and heat treatment.

  • Screen Printing Metal paste (Ti, Cu, Ag) is screen printed onto
    the ceramic surface.
    - Forming a paste thickness of several micrometers
  • Heat Treatment Joining by heat treatment in a vacuum

Solution Pros

High thermal and mechanical reliability

LX Semicon’s ceramic substrate for heat dissipation, which incorporates SMB technology allows thin and uniform joining surfaces of ceramic and copper substrates.
This provides high bending strength and dimensional accuracy, resulting in high thermal and mechanical reliability.
In addition, it enables the combination of various thicknesses of copper in an asymmetric manner.

LX Semicon’s ceramic substrate
with SMB technology

SMB Applicable Fields

  • Electric Vehicle

  • EV Charger

  • Rail

  • Renewable
    Energy System

  • Power Supply Unit

  • Energy Storage

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