LX Semicon’s display driving technology enables optimized designs for the environment of vehicle displays that are increasingly becoming larger and curved.
In addition, the ceramic substrate for heat dissipation with LX Semicon’s SMB technology provides high thermal and mechanical reliability,
while power semiconductors contribute to the miniaturization and maximum energy efficiency of core components for vehicles.


SRIC (Source Driver+Touch Readout)
SR(Source Driver+Touch Readout)IC combines the function of the Source
Driver IC, which drives the TFT, and the Readout IC, which detects touch
signals and transmits them to the Touch IC.
TMLS (Touch Modulation Level Shifter)
TMLS is an IC that combines the Touch Modulation IC, which maximizes Touch per-
formance by synchronizing the Gate and VCOM voltages with the Touch signal while
Touching, and the Lvel Shift function, which converts the TFT Turn-on/off voltage to
Gate Clock for Gate in Panel(GIP).
T-MCU (Touch MCU)
Touch MCU is a Micro Controller Unit(MCU) that converts and processes
Touch Data from Readout IC or SRIC into digital signals.
PMIC (Power Management IC)
The PMIC changes the power applied by the System to the various voltages
required to operate the OLED panel and provides stable control.
T-Con (Timing Controller)
The Timing Controller separates the data delivered by the system into
digital image data and control signals and forwards it to the Driver IC.
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Integrated Chip Solution

Source Driver IC / Touch Readout IC / Timing Controller / T-MCU function integration.

TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration)
Touch and Display Driver Integration(TDDI) is an integrated IC that combines a
Display Driver IC(DDI) that displays on-screen video signals from the AP and
Touch Controller IC that detects changes when touching the screen with a
finger or pen and sense position/angle/sensitivity.

Electronic Ceramic Substrate & Power Semiconductor

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Electronic Ceramic Substrate
Electronic ceramic substrate is the component that releases heat from the power
module to the outside and are divided into silicon nitride (Si3N4) and aluminum
nitride (AlN) ceramic heat dissipation substrates depending on the material.
Power Semiconductor
Power semiconductor refers to switches/transistors used to convert the power
required by the system into suitable power for the product. They are classified into
Si and SiC power semiconductor according to the materials used.

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