Growth with R&D

The innovation of LX Semicon that starts at nanometers*

The circuit spacing of the semiconductor developed by
LX Semicon is millions of times smaller than the thickness of a human hair. We believe that this tiny circuit design can change the lives of many people. This belief has reduced the power consumption of the TV that you watch everyday and extended the life of the panel. Semiconductors are getting smaller and more sophisticated. For innovations that starts from the several nanometer circuits that can’t be seen with our eyes, LX Semicon is always thinking and researching for a better way. Our lives will continue to progress with LX Semicon.

* Nanometer: one billionth of a meter

Technological preemption through R&D


LX Semicon is always growing by preemption of technology through advanced R&D. In 2009, We independently developed CEDS, a high-speed interface, and grew into a major company in the laptop and TV market. In 2015, we established over 90% of global market share by mass-producing the world first OLED TV DDI(Display Driver IC).  In addition, in 2017, LX Semicon mass-produced OLED Display Driver IC(DDI) for main market mobile devices. We are developing the upcoming next-generation display Mini LED, Micro LED, and Micro OLED through R&D, and will become the technology leader in the future display market.

Yangjae Campus

LX Semicon opened Yangjae Campus in Umyeon-dong in 2018 to expand its R&D capabilities. We are researching small displays like Mobile OLED, and Watch. LX Semicon is trying to provide products that will be more valuable for our customers by researching software such as algorithms that can improve not just simple hardware but the display quality.

Daejeon Campus

Daejeon Campus was established in 1999 and is researching large displays that allowed LX Semicon to grow. It’s the first research center that mass-produced OLED TV and more, and is the core research center that develops IC that controls Mini LED, and Micro LED.


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