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The MCU is used in the displays, motors and main system controls of home appliances, and is also used in various devices such as essential small home appliances,
and consumer and communication gadgets. Mainly used in the cold air circulation, drainage, and circulation pumps of home appliances,
the Motor Driver IC is also mass-produced for use in consumer products.



The MCU (Micro-Controller Unit) is an integrated semiconductor with a CPU core, memory, and input/output modules.
It is a core chip used in most electronic devices, serving as the 'brain'. Typically applied to embedded systems, it is programmed to perform specific functions and
control the essential features of various products such as home appliances, automobiles, communication devices, and industrial equipment.


Mass-produced for use in various LG home appliances, the LX Semicon's MCU is recognized for its excellent performance and quality.
Equipped with an ARM core, there are various products catering to different CPU speeds, memory capacities, input/output voltages, and package types,
which may be used in various applications including home appliances, small home appliances, consumer products, and communication devices.

Motor Driver IC


The Motor Driver IC is a semiconductor with a built-in function that controls and changes the speed and direction of the motor.
Motors are generally divided into stepper motors and BLDC (Brush-Less DC) motors. It receives input for motor speed and direction control from the MCU,
then regulates the motor's rotating speed and direction. It is used in various applications such as home appliances, automobiles, robots, and industrial equipment.


LX Semicon mass-produces driver ICs for three-phase sensor less BLDC motors and stepper motors. The three-phase inverter circuit and
algorithm are built into the chip, so customers can drive a three-phase BLDC without a separate algorithm. High-precision driving produces low noise and
the industry's highest level of ESD resistance is attained to minimize noise generated during motor operation and protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
flowing in from the external environment, resulting in customer satisfaction.

System Block Diagram

Washing Machine


Air Conditioner

Applicable Fields

  • Washing Machine

  • Refrigerator

  • Air Conditioner

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