Low Power

It is a self-developed algorithm that increases battery life for IT devices with its chipset.

Low Power Solution

Technical Necessity

Reduced battery life due to increased power consumption

The power consumption of IT devices has increased due to improved performance, and battery life has been reduced.

Increased use of
high-resolution monitors

Change in usage at
240Hz ultra-high refresh rate

Added facial recognition

Power Consumption

Battery Life

Solution Pros

LX Semicon Low Power algorithm

Display takes up a significant portion of the battery’s life, so LX Semicon provides an algorithm that reduces display power consumption.

IC driver recognizing screen pattern
Identifies image data and reduces power consumption
by reducing unnecessary IC driver in static areas.
Low Frame Rate
  • Frame1
  • Frame2
Burst Display Sleep Mode
IC operation by frame rate(Intel LRR* support)
In a low frame rate environment, the IC can be switched to Sleep Mode for video-optimized power consumption control. * Intel LRR : Intel Low Refresh Rate
High Frame Rate
  • Frame1
  • Frame2
Burst Display

Total chipset solution for Low Power

LX Semicon offers a variety of chipsets to implement Low Power solutions to increase battery
efficiency and increase product life.

Low Power solution applied products

It is a self-developed algorithm that increases battery life for IT devices with its chipset.
  • Notebook

  • Tablet

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