RealTouchTM is a total chipset solution that supports In-Cell Touch with integrated touch functionality inside the display panel.

Technical Necessity

RealTouchTM makes panels slimmer and touch more delicate

No more bezel and thick panels that stand out!
RealTouchTM supports In-Cell touch, which is built into the display panel, to enable thinner and lighter
product designs and lower external light reflectivity to provide better picture quality.

Add-On Touch

In-Cell Touch

Low Reflection

This technology reduces panel thickness and increases touch responsiveness by integrating touch sensors within the
panel rather than Add-On method that attaches touch sensors to the panel.

Touch technology comparison

CF Glass
: Color Filter Glass
TFT Glass
  • Touch
  • Touch
    Structure(Stack Up)
  • Design
  • Image
  • Performance
  • In-Cell Touch
  • View grade

    (Borderless, Narrow Bezel)

  • View grade

    (No Touch Pattern,
    Low Reflectance Rate)

  • View grade

  • On-Cell Touch
  • View grade

    (Borderless, Middle Bezel)

  • View grade

    (No Touch Pattern,
    Low Reflectance Rate)

  • View grade

  • Add-On Touch
  • View grade

    (Borderless, Middle Bezel)

  • View grade


  • View grade

  • IR Touch
  • View grade

    (Frame, Wide Bezel)

  • View grade

    (High Reflectance Rate)

  • View grade

Solution Pros

Development collaboration and superior touch performance

Jointly develop In-Cell touch solutions with panel companies.
The RealTouchTM panel provides more delicate touch and faster response times.


In-Cell Touch


Solution with multi-touch support

RealTouchTM supports multi-touch, providing an amazing experience for multiple people
to use at the same time.

World’s first large In-Cell touch chipset solution

In-Cell touch chipset solutions in large products such as monitors, laptops, electronic blackboards and kiosks are led
by RealTouchTM technology from LX Semicon.

RealTouchTM applied products

  • Monitor

  • Notebook

  • IWB

  • Kiosk

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