Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is to be ‘the link to a sustainable future’

By linking Korea to the world, linking new technology to everyday life and linking generations of the present with the past,
we continue a sustainable future.

  • Link to a

  • Philosophy
    The identity and ultimate goal that encompasses
    LX's philosophy and spirit
    Furthering the humanitarian legacy of our parent company by linking
    advanced technology to consumers' lives
    Creating new value by linking to a sustainable future through innovation
  • Link Future Human

  • Core Value
    The most important values embracing the management
    principles of LX and the business scope of our subsidiaries
    The core value of LX is 'Link, Future, Human'
  • Inspired by You, Designed by Us

  • Promise
    The will and attitude to fulfill our philosophy
    Discovering opportunities to create future values that generate value
    based on the lives of our customers
    Developing solutions that utilize LX's technology and innovation to
    create solutions that generate future value

Jeong-Do management

Jeong-Do Management, based on ethical management, is the LX code of conduct that encourages continuous skill development to
promote fair business practices

  • Honesty
    Working transparently
    according to our principles
    and standards
  • Fair Treatment
    Provide equal opportunity
    and fair treatment in all business
  • Fair Competition
    based on Competence
    Develop the competence to
    compete and win fairly

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