Ethics Hotline

We operate an ethics hotline under which employees can report violations of Righteousness Management or corruption.

Report Type

Reportable offenses include receiving rewards from stakeholders, unfair equity participation with business partners, selecting suppliers with lack of transparency,
being involved in an illegal or unfair use of company assets, and manipulation or dishonest reporting of documents and numbers.

Illegal/Unfair use of company assets
Use of tangible/intangible assets for inappropriate purposes, embezzlement and peculation of public funds
Receiving rewards from stakeholders
Providing money, entertainment, conveniences, borrowing, debt repayment, guarantees, monetary loans, future guarantees
Manipulation or false reporting of documents/Numbers
Accounting fraud, information manipulation
Unfair equity participation with business partners
Receiving stocks, investments or joint investments, and acquiring joint properties
Any other acts that violate Righteousness Management
Negligence of duty, negligence in management, arrogation, indecent acts, etc.
Lack of transparency in supplier selection
Unfairness in opportunity granting, unfair trading practices, leakage of supplier information

Handling Reported Issues

If the informant reports under his/her real name and explicitly requests result feedback, the results shall be fed back to the informant unless the legitimate rights and interests of the company are infringed.

Informant (Whistleblower) Protection

We do not disclose any information that reveals or suggests the identity of the informant without the consent of the informant, and we take full responsibility (including the recovery of the original state) for any disadvantages caused by failure to comply with it. The relevant protections for the informant are as follows.

  • The identity
    of the informant
  • Evidence presented
    by the informant or
    information collected
    related to the report
  • Matters that may
    imply the person
    to be spoken with
  • Follow-up
    measures for
    results after
    reporting, etc.

Contact: LX Semicon Ethics Bureau

Reports can be made by e-mail, telephone, or fax.

  • TEL 02-2081-7400 / FAX 02-2081-7401
  • LX Semicon Ethics Bureau, 2621, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Refusal of Unauthorized
Email Collection

This website prohibits unauthorized collection of posted email addresses using email collection programs or other technical devices. Violation of this may be punished by the [Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection], etc.
Illegal Response Center

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