Jeong-Do Management Program

LX Semicon operates the following Jeong-Do Management program to become a company respected by society and customers.

  • Jeong-Do management operation system

    LX Semicon conducts Jeong-Do management education, public relations, and reporting surveys with the Jeong-Do Management Team under the CEO for systematic implementation of Jeong-Do Management and conducts regular diagnosis to support the produce results from internal groups and enhancement of competitiveness.

  • Jeong-do management training for employees

    All employees of LX Semicon are trained by job category and position as well as online training to provide Jeong-Do management training.

  • Jeong-Do management promotion activities

    We are striving to establish an organizational culture for Jeong-Do Management through various public relations activities such as sending newsletters and conducting Quiz and Events.

  • Running a Jeong-Do management bulletin board

    We operate a bulletin board on the company intranet that contains detailed information related to Jeong-Do Management, such as the Management Philosophy and LX Code of Ethics, detailed guidelines for implementation, and Jeong-Do Management Q&A. Through this, we prevent violations that may occur because employees of LX Semicon do not accurately understand the LX Code of Ethics and allow them to get answers for questions about Jeong-Do Management.

  • Sexual harassment complaint counseling

    We operate a reporting channel on the company intranet so that employees of LX Semicon can consult and report on sexual harassment. (Anonymous report is possible)

  • Pledge to practice Jeong-Do management/comply with anti-corruption laws

    The executives and employees of LX Semicon are committed to complying with the LX Code of Ethics and practicing Jeong-Do Management through a pledge to practice Jeong-Do Management and compliance with anti-corruption laws, partner companies are also participating in this pledge.

  • Bribery report system

    LX Semicon employees are strictly prohibited from accepting money, gifts, entertainment, services, and convenience from stakeholders for any reason. If it is unavoidably received, it is voluntarily reported to the Jeong-Do Management Team and returned, or if it is impossible to return it, it is required to donate to a social welfare organization.

  • Cyber newspaper

    LX Semicon runs an ethics hotline system to receive reports about cases where an employee violates Jeong-Do Management or engages in corruption and unethical practices. LX Semicon endeavors to root out employees' corruption and unethical practices and improve unreasonable systems and business processes.

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  • Anti-corruption reward system

    In order to further strengthen business transparency and accountability, and to eradicate corruption that damage customer value, we are implementing a reward system for reporting corruption and corruption.

  • Jeong-Do management survey

    The Jeong-Do Management Survey, which checks the company's awareness of Jeong-Do Management for employees and partner companies, is conducted every year, and the results of the survey are used for education, promotion, and finding ideas for system improvement.

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