Talent Development and Welfare

Talent development

LX Semicon puts the greatest value on each member feeling that they are growing, we offer a variety of opportunities to improve our capabilities.

Global Talent Development
Training for systematic development of talent with great potential and global talent
  • Entrepreneurship candidate training
  • Training for future entrepreneurs
  • Leader training
    (executive, responsible, office/team leader)
  • Coaching program
  • Dispatch of domestic and foreign degrees and MBA
  • Dispatch of overseas subsidiaries
Basic Competency
Basic Competency Enhancement Training Based on Key Value of LX Semicon
  • Training for new/experienced employees
    (group training/self-education)
  • Positional training (group training)
  • Educating all employees
    (internalization of core values)
  • Language education
Professional Competence
Training for developing experts in each field
  • Specialized job training by field
  • Support Project activities

Welfare benefits

We have a wide range of welfare programs for employees’ work and life balance.

Family Care
  • Housing Mortgage Support
  • Tuition Assistance for Employees’ Children
  • Family Occasions Assistence
  • Assistence for Natural Disaster and Condolence call
  • Long-term Tenure
  • Maternity leave and infant care leave
    (Including men)
Health Care
  • Subsidies for Employee Medical Expenses
  • Subsidies for Employee Family Medical Expenses
  • Comprehensive health Checkup
    (over 35)
  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Indoor Gym
  • Commuter bus operated in consideration to the location and transportation of the workplace

Refresh Care
  • Summer Vacation
  • Training Center and Condominium
  • Selective Welfare Points Payed
  • Group Acivity Support
  • Sabbatical is provided every
    5 years
  • Sports ticket support (LG Twins, Home Ticket)

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