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  • New hiring through Covid-19

    New hiring through Covid-19

    Siliconworks, the number one fabless company in Korea in the field of system semiconductors that is fostering as a core future new business, has launched a new recruitment that will break the ice in recruitment market caused by Covid-19.

  • Supporting local children to overcome Covid-19

    Supporting local children to overcome Covid-19

    Ahead of Children’s day, we provided laptops, toys , and stationery for online classes to children of the Daejeon Children’s Welfare Facility and children of vulnerable groups in Yangjae, Seoul who are having a hard time due to Covid-19.

  • 20th anniversary of Siliconworks

    20th anniversary of Siliconworks

    In order to share the achievements of 20 years with the local community, we plan to support the underprivileged with funds prepared by holding a love sharing auction event using the cherished items of executives and employees. On the coming 13th, employees and other social groups participated in the “Love Kimchi Sharing” event organized by Yuseong-gu, Daejeon-Si.

  • Volunteer activities for the underprivileged

    Volunteer activities for the underprivileged

    In order for the underprivileged neighbors to have courage and hope, more than 30 employees of Siliconworks conducted free meal service and support for low-income families on August 20 and 30 at the Angel Free Food Service Center near Daejeon Station and Woomyeon General Social Welfare Center in Yangjae-dong, Seoul.

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