In gaming environments such as FPS*, fast and smooth screen transition is important. Experience a more immersive display with IC chipsets that support high frame rate and high resolution. *FPS : First Person Shooter


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SD IC (Source Driver IC)
The Source Driver IC converts the digital video data panel received from the Timing Controller into an analog voltage that can be driven and transmits to the panel.
T-Con (Timing Controller)
The Timing Controller separates the data delivered by the system into digital image data and control signals and forwards it to the Driver IC.
PMIC (Power Management IC)
The PMIC changes the power applied by the System to the various voltages required to operate the OLED panel and provides stable control.

RealTouch (LCD In-Cell Touch)

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SRIC (Source Driver+Touch Readout)
SR(Source Driver+Touch Readout)IC combines the function of the Source Driver IC, which drives the TFT, and the Readout IC, which detects touch signals and transmits them to the Touch IC.
T-MCU (Touch MCU)
Touch MCU is a Micro Controller Unit(MCU) that converts and processes Touch Data from Readout IC or SRIC into digital signals.
TMIC (Touch Modulation IC)
TMIC maximizes Touch performance by synchronizing and modulating Gate and VCOM voltage with the Touch signal during Touch period.

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