Smart IoT

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    For IoT driver, connectivity IC, which includes precision sensor that Gathers information, low-power design that provides IoT devices lifespan, and security algorithms to protect valuable information of customers from hacking, is important. LX Semicon is already producing MCUs for Smart Home Appliances based on several ASIC IC design experiences and has IC design capabilities optimized for customer needs. Do you have a dream IoT solution? If you only have an idea, you can implement it with LX Semicon’ chipset.

    eXtendaed Reality

    Value Creation Partner

    To implement XR using AR/VR devices, it is most important to sense objects in front of you in 3D and minimize latency implemented as displays. LX Semicon provides a Chipset Solution optimized for VR/AR based on its own high-speed interface. It is possible to develop various types of display IC such as OLED and LED as well as high resolution like 8K. If you have limitations in implementing the desired VR/AR device, try to implement the optimal display with LX Semicon.

    Next Display

    Mini LED, Micro LED are very small, but there is no limit to the size of the display. Based on High-speed Interface(CEDS) and multi-channel drive technology, LX Semicon has developed/produced high-resolution products such as 8K and next-generation display chipsets such as Rollable and Foldable. Mini LED, Micro LED are very small, but there is no limit to the size of the display.

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