Low Power designs are important for smartwatches with long display use time. LX Semicon’ chipset that operates smartwatch increases battery life by adjusting the refreshing rate according to the output screen.

Drives 77% of the world’s smart watches.

* Based on 2019 Flexible OLED Smart Watch

LX Semicon started mass production of Flexible OLED Driver-IC for smartwatches in 2014. In 2018, we achieved technological innovation by mass-producing OLED Driver-IC that supports LTPO OLED Display for the first time in the world. Implement the highest quality display with LX Semicon’ Flexible OLED Driver-IC, proven with over 100 million shipments.
  • Over 100 million units of OLED Driver-IC for smart watch shipped
  • Mass production of the world’s first LTPO OLED Driver-IC
  • Mass production of square Flexible OLED Driver-IC
  • Mass-Production of the World’s first prototype Flexible OLED Driver-IC
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Touch Controller IC
Touch Controller IC is an IC that sense changes when touching the screen with a finger or pen, senses position/angle/sensitivity, and forwards it to the Application Processor(AP).
OLED DDI (OLED Display Driver IC)
The OLED DDI consists of a Timing Block that transmits video signals from the AP to the drive block, a Drive Block that operates the TFT, and a Compensation and Quality Improvement Block. LX Semicon’ OLED DDI resolves staining phenomena caused by TFT process and OLED deposition deviation and deterioration caused by organic material characteristics through its own compensation/definition improvement algorithm and implements a clearer screen.

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