CEDS®(Clock Embedded Differential Signaling) is a panel-driven interface between Timing Controller and Source Driver IC, a technology that has accumulated a lot of mass production experience and reliability since it was developed in 2008.

Technical Necessity

CEDS® is essential in high-resolution times

The higher the resolution of the display, the greater the data transmission. CEDS® is a high-speed interface for UHD and higher resolution.

7680 x 4320p

3840 x 2160p

1920 x 1080p

1280 x 720p

Solution Pros

Simple and efficient CEDS®

In a high-speed transmission environment, the Conventional Interface may be inconsistent at RGB Data and Clock Data. CEDS® is an Interface that’s free from Timing Skew due to a built-in Clock Data.

  • RGB
  • Clock
  • RGB/Clock
High-speed transfer and Point to Point connections enable efficient wiring design and PCB slimming.

Collaboration on interface development with customer companies, and partnership with global companies

With accumulated Know-how of LX Semicon, customers can support a variety of interfaces they need and shorten the new interface development schedule.

CEDS® applied products

  • TV

  • Notebook

  • IWB

  • Kiosk

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