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Semiconductor entering the era of hyper connectivity
Semiconductors are the beginning of the hyper connectivity era that connects everything from people to objects, data to processes. The use for semiconductor is endless, from sensors that play the role of human eyes and ears, MCU that calculate, and process data converted from sensors to digital signals, and communication chips to send and receive calculated data to various devices.
In order to meet these expectations of the times, the semiconductor industry is busily moving.
The 4th industrial revolution in the hyper connectivity era
LX Semicon is constantly innovating to take the technical prowess accumulated so far to the next level.
We reinforce our ability to commercialize creative ideas by changing our ways of work, and challenge new business areas with efficient development methods.
We leap forward from leaders of DDI business to global leader in 4th industrial revolution with the technology that stands shoulder to shoulder with global leaders of
autonomous driving, sensors, artificial intelligence, and communication semiconductors which will be deeply established in our daily life in the future.
4th Industrial

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