LX Semicon's ceramic substrate has the special feature of high bending strength, 'Void Free' bonding layer,
and low thickness variation applying diffrentiated bonding process from conventional bonding process.
LX Semicon provides excellent thermal conductivity and high thermal, mechanical reliability for various fields.

Electronic Ceramic Substrate


Si3N4 Ceramic Substrate : High Thermal Conductivity & Strength
AlN Ceramic Substrate : High Thermal Conductivity


LX Semicon's ceramic substrate is manufactured through a differentiated diffusion bonding process.
The diffusion bonding process is the developed technology that forms very thin and homogeneous metal – ceramic reaction layer through
vapor deposition without brazing paste. It has a high bending strength, low total thickness variation, as well as
high thermal, mechanical reliability, it can be applied in various industrial fields (e.g., electric vehicles, renewable energy auto-regulation, etc.).

  • High Bending strength
  • Low Thickness Variation
  • Void Free
High thermal,
mechanical Reliability
Bending Strength Void Free Total Thickness TCT Peel Strength
Excellent Excellent Very Good Good Good

Key data
Properties LX-DBC Competitor
Metal/ceramic reaction layer thickness < 1 ㎛ 15 ㎛
Total thickness variation ± 5 % ± 10 %
Void Free < 1 % (Dia. 1 mm)

Applicable Fields

  • Electric Vehicle

  • EV Charger

  • Rail

  • Renewable
    Energy System

  • Power Supply Unit

  • Energy Storage

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