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A lot of processes are required to make a semiconductor. Wafers are produced from raw material silicon, and packaging process that protects the entire process of making circuits and the made chips and connects circuits, etc. It takes a lot of processes to make a completed chip product.LX Semicon monitors all process of semiconductor production and operates a specialized group for each process to systematically manage productivity. Additionally, through development of tape and coating material that improved humidity and temperature capabilities, the reliability of the packaging is also improving.

LX Semicon thinks that even a well-designed semiconductor has no value as a product if quality is not guaranteed. The size of the semiconductor is very small, but since one wrong motion can lead to defects or accidents, LX Semicon considers quality issues as accidents and does not allow even small defects. We conduct high-level reliability tests before supplying them to our customers and continue to innovate QMS(Quality Management System) to manage defect history and improve quality. Through these efforts, Chips from LX Semicon are being adopted by leading global companies, and we are striving to improve quality through acquisition of automotive function safety certification ISO26262, the first in the industry, and more.

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