Complete a thinner and clearer screen with LX Semicon’ OLED chipset solution. Since OLED runs panels using a self-illumination device without any backlight, it enables thin design and provides the user with perfect black color and wide viewing angles.

Technical Necessity


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
OLED is a self-illumination method that controls light and color on a pixel-by pixel basis, enabling perfect black expression without halo effect. In addition, you can see the same clear screen as the front without distortion of color at any location since no liquid crystal is required.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
LCD is a non-luminous method in which light emitted from the backlight passes through several optical sheets to express light. Therefore, it is not possible to express prefect black color. Also, there is a limit to the fact that the color of the screen is not transmitted vividly depending on the on the location of the screen due to refraction of light caused by the liquid crystal.

Solution Pros

OLED compensation algorithm

The OLED compensation algorithm resolves the Uniformity problem that occurs during the production process and senses and compensates for possible deterioration in the use of the product to achieve a clean screen.

  • Conventional
  • OLED

Image quality improvement algorithm

It is equipped with its own quality improvement algorithm, which enables clear screen implementation only by using LX Semicon chipset.

Color Management
  • Before
  • After
Contrast Enhancement
  • Before
  • After
Sunlight Readability Enhancement
  • Before
  • After
Sharpness Enhancement
  • Before
  • After

OLED Touch Solution

Excellent noise immunity

Even in noisy environment, its own algorithm eliminates unnecessary signals and identify only those signals that are needed.

Active pen solution

Sense not just touch, but also pressure and angle to provide a more accurate pen touch experience.

Solution applicable to all OLED displays

Supports different shapes and sizes of OLED, such as rollable and foldable.

OLED chipset applied products

  • Smart Watch

  • Mobile

  • Notebook

  • Automotive

  • TV

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